Effective Siltrate 100 Pill for Repeated Penile Failure Issue

The medicine Siltrate 100 comes up with the most benefit of treating all types of impotency related issues in men, which includes repeated penile failure also known as erectile dysfunction. There are multiple reasons for men losing their erection. This ED medicine boosts erection to a great extent without giving much trouble to your body. The best part is that his impotence treating medicine doesn’t come up with potential side-effects, which can lead to some serious health issues. Once you get habitual of consuming the pill, no side-effects shall take place. However, in case, any potential side-effect shall take place due to your severe health condition in the past. Hence, don’t consume the tablet and immediately consult your doctor in such cases. The Siltrate 100 pills aid impotent men for gaining effectiveness over 6 hours without making much effort. The medicine starts its action mechanism in just 30 minutes of consumption with a prolonged erection without burning a hole in your pocket.

Like every other medicine, Sildenafil Citrate composed medicine Siltrate 100 also comes up with some side-effects that are needed to be taken into account. However, such side effects are not potential unless and until you are suffering from any major health ailment including heart disease, kidney disease etc. however, some of the common side-effects, which may take place while consumption of this impotence treating pill are dizziness; sleeping disorders, nose bleeding, heartburn, swollen hands or legs, headache, low blood pressure, nausea, and prolonged erection. Men suffering from chronic diseases should strictly take this impotence treating pill under medical supervision for enjoying its benefits to the core.


Precautions while taking Siltrate 100

While consumption of Sildenafil Citrate composed medicine, man needs to consume some precautions to avoid getting into any kind of trouble. In case, you take proper precautions when you do not need to run for the cure. Hence, follow the precautions mentioned below while consumption of ED medicine:

  • Never consume ED medicine with any nitrate drug as it may prove fatal for your health
  • Never increase the dosage without doctor’s prescription as it may lead to some severe health issues
  • Never take Siltrate 100 tablet with alcohol. Also, avoid consumption of alcohol or heavy meals before or after taking this tablet
  • If you are suffering from chronic diseases including heart, kidney or lung disease then do not take ED medicine without doctor’s prescription

Always consume the tablet before 60 minutes of planned lovemaking and with a glass of water