Recommended Filitra Professional Dosage and Appropriate Consumption Pattern

Filitra Professional composed of Vardenafil is known for treating erectile dysfunction in impotent men. The consumption of this pill helps impotent men to attain and maintain stiffer penile for a longer time. If you are consuming the medicine daily consult a doctor for appropriate dosage. The medicine is considered optimal in case erection quality. It allows having successful sexual intercourses within 30 to 40 minutes after consumption the Vardenafil pill.

Make sure that you read complete leaflet carefully for following all the contraindications with this medicine before consuming it. Men are recommended to start the treatment of erectile dysfunction pill with an average dosage of 10mg or 20mg. Later, the medicine can be decreased or increased up to the maximum recommended daily dosage of Filitra. If the average dosage Filitra Professional is accompanied by side effects, increasing Levitra dosage up to 20mg is not recommended safe. Men that are already suffering from some chronic disorders of the physiological system or internal organs are recommended to begin erectile dysfunction treatment with minimum dosage.

In case, erectile dysfunction treatment is carried out simultaneously with other disease therapy. Hence, it is necessary to read the information on medicine interaction before you start consumption of this medicine. Filitra Professional medicine can be only taken once a day, regardless of causes of erection disorders.


Erectile Dysfunction of penile is a complex process, which is activated due to relaxation of penile cavernous bodies and arterioles which is actually regulating peripheral vascular resistance. Under the sexual stimulation of the penile organ, nerve endings of the cavernous bodies are known for releasing nitric oxide. This nitric oxide is known for helping to relax the smooth muscle tissues and the arterioles placed in the cavernous bodies.

The pharmacological action of medicine Filitra Professional is an enhancement of physiological reactions. This in response to sexual stimulation of the penile works amazingly well. The medicine’s impact on nitric oxide helps for relaxing arterioles in the penile cavernous of the body. The medicine result in more blood flow that happens in the penile region comes in the penis, this provides a full penile erection. Duration of this Vardenafil composed medicine action does not depend on man’s age and erectile dysfunction severity.

While treating severe erectile dysfunction, Filitra Professional medicine is known for activating the natural physiological process of erection only as a response that is present under the penile in presence of sexual stimulation. In case, man is not satisfied with quality or duration of natural erection, the pill ensures improved erection quality even with the visual sexual stimulus.